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Maison Plein Coeur : Let’s make a rhythmic donation
March 7th, 2018mpc_rhytme

Many organizations in Quebec suffer from government budget restrictions in several areas. These austerity measures are not without consequences for the lives of these organizations, which are simply no longer able or have difficulty offering the programs and services intended for those concerned.

Today, it is the Maison Plein Coeur that is affected and it is launching the fundraising campaign Maison Plein Coeur: Keeping the rhythm!

With the cuts from the federal government, the organization will face a deficit of nearly $100,000 in annual funding. They will thus put an end to the accompaniment services, reintegration support or exchange workshops offered by the organization. In short, nearly 1,000 essential interventions will be affected.

Faced with this new reality, the organization seeks through this campaign the contribution of goodwill in order to continue its mission of directly helping people living with HIV / AIDS.