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Portrait of Evelyn Farha
October 31, 2017

Evelyn Farha

Evelyn Farha was Honorary President of the Farha Foundation for 23 years. She worked tirelessly to continue the mission of Ron Farha, her late son, founder of the Foundation, by helping people living with HIV / AIDS in Quebec to receive support and care. Her goal was to make sure that no family suffers the same loss as they do by educating the community about this issue.

Evelyn has received numerous awards for her inspiring efforts. In 2013, she was awarded a medal of the National Assembly. In 2002, the Governor General presented him with the Golden Jubilee Medal. In the same year, the Canada-Lebanon Chamber of Commerce and Industry also presented him with the “Cèdre et Érable” Award for the Personality of the Year category. In 2000, the Governor General’s office honored Evelyn with the Caring Canadian Award.

By merging with the Farha Foundation, Fqsida takes up the torch and hopes to achieve the goal set by Evelyn.