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Farha Foundation

“La Fondation québécoise du sida” also responds today on behalf of the Farha Foundation. The two entities merged for a common cause on April 1, 2017. The Farha Foundation has made a major contribution to the cause of HIV / AIDS in Quebec, in particular by organizing events that brought together nearly 20,000 people.

Since its inception, the Farha Foundation has distributed nearly $ 10 million to 76 organizations fighting HIV / AIDS in Quebec offering care and services (housing, drugs, food, palliative care, counseling, home care, etc. .) as well as prevention and education programs.
It was Montreal businessman Ron Farha who founded the Farha Foundation in 1992. Diagnosed with AIDS a few years earlier, Ron’s experience with the disease alerted him to the lack of financial, medical and emotional support available to people living with HIV. He decided to become a spokesperson and start a fundraiser for people with HIV / AIDS. Ron Farha passed away in 1993, leaving behind a legacy of hope and determination to make a difference in the fight against HIV / AIDS.

The day after his death, Evelyn Farha, his mother, decides to continue his work. Her goal was to ensure that no other family suffers the same loss as she did by educating the community that the disease is preventable. She will fight against the stigmatization of people living with HIV / AIDS for 25 years. The Honorary President of the Farha Foundation passed away on January 18, 2018 at the age of 92.
Through her dedicated and hard work, Evelyn Farha received many awards and honors throughout her life and as well as posthumously.