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The Fondation québécoise du sida and the Farha Foundation join forces in the fight against HIV/AIDS
April 4, 2017

We are proud to announce you that the Farha Foundation and the Fondation québécoise du sida are now united under the Fondation québécoise du sida banner.

The Farha Foundation has been working since 1992 to support the HIV/AIDS community of Quebec and distributing almost $10 million to those in need.

“This is great news for those who are involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Quebec! We have always found our organizations to have great synergies and we are delighted to join forces with the Farha Foundation in this new special relationship,” said Sylvain Laflamme, President of the Fondation québécoise du sida’s boards of directors. This amalgamation is timely and allows us to progress our common purpose and know that, together, we can build a world without HIV or AIDS.”

All donations earmarked for the Farha Foundation received after April 1, 2017 will be thoughtfully managed by the merged entity. This includes matching donations, planned giving and all forms of donations.



Sylain Laflamme
President of the boards of directors